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Unplugged track!

Sample track....a Jam classic

The Butterfly Collector - Andy Bannister
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Can offer a package to suit all types of events, From evening gigs in local Pubs & Clubs. to tailored events  private functions, weddings, etc..

Please enquire direct for these via contacts page, or just call 07767 806 898

I'm a local performer  based in the Burnley area, with a versatile range of tracks to suit any function.

Having played and still singing with 2 local bands STEEROS & SPLINTER I was asked a few years back to do a couple of solo slots.

This lead to more bookings from simple classic acoustic guitar covers for more intimate venues, to using backing tracks for more of a party feel at private functions, weddings etc.

Now have an array of genres to suit all age groups, ie; Black tie Ball? then can focus on Rat Pack Sinatra stuff which appeals to young and old alike...Let me know and can tailor a set list to suit or give out request sheets which party goers love !



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